Crypto Real Estate at ATX-DAO

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Good investments for everyone

Web3 adoption is increasing in the real estate industry. It takes different turns, from the sale of virtual lands or houses in the metaverse to blockchain-based land registries in the global south. Recent use cases have also been to marketize and sell real estate property as NFTs payable in cryptocurrency, and the perspective of fractional tokenized ownership would allow smaller bids to access stable investments in the real estate market.

Limiting real estate inflation

Proving land or home ownership is the foundation for a better life and no one doubt that land registries could take advantage of the many benefits of using blockchain technology. The DAO model for governance and participation in non-equity-based ownership is another interesting lead.

Stabilizing cryptocurrencies

As stable coins are a field of experimentation to stabilize cryptocurrency values, crypto real estate could also be a way to reduce the volatility of digital assets values. Same as most national banks are securing their value by buying gold, most prosperous economies invest in real estate building for its stability and useability. Attaching a part of any cryptocurrency volume to a stable market such as the existing properties of a stable economy could reduce the volatility of the currency. Such a system will as well anchor back real estate as a means to serve the right of housing, and protect the market from speculation from foreign investors and gentrification inconveniences. If we surely won’t forbid the people to be successful at making money, we still want our local populations to be able to own a place to live all their life, not being suddenly kicked out by an increase of real estate investments in the neighborhood which would lead to unoccupied properties bought as a financial asset by overseas investors.

A new source of revenue for the public sector

Somewhat recording real estate properties as NFTs doesn’t sound more complicated than putting GPS coordinates on a blockchain + the agreement that established the ownership + the signatures of the involved parties. But it still raises basic questions to build a business onto it: who buys the NFTs? who mints the NFTs? How does a buyer meet a seller and what’s the benefit for intermediaries?

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Julien Carbonnell

Julien Carbonnell

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